Targeted Promotion

  1. What is Targeted Promotion ?
    • Targeted promotion is a key success factor in e-commerce
    • You might have a wonderful product with most competitive price in the world. But that holds no guarantee of success - unless you are able to reach out to its buyers
    • Targeted promotion means reaching out specifically to those customers who are interested in your products

  2. How Does Your Products Get Targeted Promotion ?
    • infobanc ensures targeted promotion of your products through category/keyword wise display in directory, product gallery, online catalog etc. at (over 30 million hits) PLUS promotion through its network of 40+ Industry portals
    • Each industry portal focuses on one niche area (e.g. pashmina shawls, silk scarves, handtools, casting, fashion apparel etc.) in search engines and attract customers interested in that area only
    • Your company and products, displayed at related indystry portals, receive attention of customers interested in your products
    • We continuously add industry portals - covering newer areas

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