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Jumpstart Your Business - Move Far Ahead of Your Competitors !

Customer is oxygen for your business - you need new customers regularly from home and abroad to take your business to new heights. helps you acquire new customers round the year and keeps you updated on market dynamics. 

By joining - you and your sales team will be able to concentrate on what you do best - transacting business, leaving the job of searching and researching for new customers on highly skilled and experienced professionals. 

Since 1997, has helped thousands of businesses throughout the world. Over the years - it has developed robust databases of customers, huge market research databases, network of international buyers, high degree of professional competence and popular b2b portals - all that will work for your business right from day one. 

Give Your Business a headstart - Join TODAY !

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Infobanc helps your business round the year in several ways


  • Find Buyers : Over 150,000 import trade leads, Buying Agents Database etc. Fresh trade leads added everyday. Start contacting buyers right from day 1 of your membership
  • Agent/Distributors : Set up distribution channels across India. InfoBanc is the only b2b portal offering this service. Find and appoint agents, distributors, stockists, dealers for your products.
  • Credible Web Presence Get website ( business e-mail ( at no extra cost. Pay only membership fee - get multiple benefits
  • E-Commerce Store: Create Your wholesale e-commerce store in few simple steps. Find how other members have created e-com stores at
  • Targeted Web Promotion : Get trade enquiries from your Indian and Overseas  customers by promoting your company and products through InfoBanc and its 40+ Industry Portals. Visitors and members post over 25,000 trade inquiries everyday.
  • More Web Promotion: Promote your products through Directory Listing, Catalog, Classifieds etc. Get trade inquiries from customers directly in your mailbox.
  • Market Information: Get Export Import Data, DGFT Notifications, Circulars, News etc. 

Contact Us at 91-9210373801 / 91-11-26961886 / 26851944 for more information

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Being a B2B Marketplace since 1997 - InfoBanc understands your requirements fully and have created membership packages that covers everything you will ever need to be successful in Internet - buyers, agents, website, business e-mail, e-commerce store and many more. Membership Fee of InfoBanc is quite affordable - starting at Rs. 7990/- (USD 163) Per Year


Your membership fee is all inclusive - trade leads, agent/distributors, promotion, catalog, e-commerce store, domain name, website design, SEO - EVERYTHING ! 


Value for Money - Please compare our membership packages with that of any other service provider and find how value for money.


Please click here to check detail membership features in Comparison Table

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We help you maket your products and services using the medium of internet. In technical jargon, doing business using internet is called 'e-commerce'.  So, in essence, we are 'e-commerce enabler' - providing you tools and services for conducting e-commerce  succefully.
As e-commerce enabler - our services are integrally linked with internet. So you must have acces to personal computer(PC) and internet connection for availing  our services.
If you have any doubt/questions regarding technical issues - please feel free to contact us. We shall help you sort out technical difficulties (if any)
In addition, you or your stuff should be coversant with sending and receiving e-mails, using Internet browser(Netscape, Internet Explorer etc. ) and some experience of using internet. If you have any doubt/questions on technical issues - please feel free to contact us. We shall be happy to sort out your initial dificulties (if any)    
There is no other technical requirement except the above

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  • Reach Low Cost and Quality Conscious Manufacturer/Exporters
  • All communications are direct - no middleman, no commission
  • Free Services
  • Live wire customer service - inquiries answered within 24 hours
  • On-line platform (bazara2z) for live interaction with sellers
  • Market Information - prices, specifications, availability
  • Credit Rating Report for any Indian company
  • Free information/assistance on specific requirements
  • Reach Low Cost and Quality Conscious Manufacturer/Exporters. Tell us your requirements, and we forward your message to concerned manufacturer/ exporters who will contact you directly. 

Please Post Your Buy Enquiry here . In case you send trade enquiry through e-mail - please include your contact details (company, mailing address, tel, fax, e-mail, Home Site etc.) and a brief background of your company. We acknowledge every trade enquiry and make sure you receive excellent response. For better response - We also publish your enquiry in without your contact details (only pre-verified sellers can have access to your contact details, protecting you from junk mails and non-serious sellers)

Manufacturer/exporters Contact you directly - No Middleman We forward your message with complete contact details of buyer to pre-verified sellers. Sellers contact buyer directly. You, as buyer, decide the offer that suits your requirements and proceed accordingly. There's absolutely no obligation on you except that we expect you to respond to all offers - no matter if you are accepting or declining it. 

You may contact Manufacturer/Exporters directly using Trade Directory or Search Engine.
We are always available for any additional information/help Please feel free to ask us any information/help regarding sourcing of Indian products. We shall do our best to respond within 48 hours.


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How Many Trade Enquiries Will I Receive Every Week ?


As member, you will receive Trade Enquiries from two main sources:


  • Trade Enquiries Sent by Visitors & Members Directly to Your Mailbox
  • Trade Enquiries Received by Us and Published in InfoBanc.Com
Trade Enquiries Sent by Members and Visitors Directly to Your Mailbox 
Visitors send more than 25,000 trade enquiries to our members every month. These enquiries originate from various sources such as
  • Directory Sections where your company profile is displayed
  • Your Online Catalog at
  • Products Section - Where Your Products are on Display
  • VANIK.COM - Our Sister Portal
  • From Targeted Promotion of Your Company in 40+ Industry Portals
  • Your Wholesale E-Commerce Store
  • Your Website
  • In response to your advertisement in Buy / Sell / Biz sections
The number of trade enquiries you will receive through these routes depends upon your rank in Members' Directory (higher rank means more enquiries), how many advertisements you post, how much you interact with other members etc.
Trade Enquiries Received by 
We receive large number of trade enquiries, proposals for agency, distribution, representation, joint venture, collaboration etc. from overseas and Indian companies, who request us to circulate these enquiries among our members. 
These enquiries are filtered through three-step filtering process (described elsewhere in FAQ section) and selected trade enquiries are published at Please visit Buyers, Sellers and Agent/Distributor Section for latest inquiries. These sections are updated daily.
Since 1998, we have received more than 150,000 overseas import/buy enquiries, each of which can be viewed at Buyers section. For other enquiries - please visit Agents and Sellers Sections for details.
Number of Trade Enquiries on Your Products 
The trade enquiries received by us can be viewed chronologically (date by date) or product/category wise.
  • To see total number of trade enquiries per week - please use Chronological Display. This is our default sorting order
  • To see number of trade enquiries on your product - please use Product / Category-wise Display.
  • There are many other sorting orders available
  • Use Search Engine for specific products - please note, search engine results are never comprehensive as one product may have several synonyms


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What Happens if my Mailbox Fails to Receive a Trade Enquiry ?


Visitors browse through directory/classified sections and send enquiries to selected members. Whenever a visitor posts a trade enquiry - you receive the message in the form of an e-mail from at your registered e-mail address.


Given the unpredictable nature of e-mails when many legitimate e-mails are routinely deleted by e-mail service providers or sent to spam folder - we store a copy of every such message in your InfoBanc Inbox to ensure that you never miss a single important message.


All you need to do to monitor your enquiries - is to log-in to MyInfoBanc and check 'My Messages' section. In addition, all messages from other sections such as Wholesale E-Commerce Store, Online Catalog, Your Classifieds, Alerts Sent by Us etc. are similarly stored in MyInfoBanc. Please log-in to MyInfoBanc from time to time and check all messages you have received from
You will not lose even a single trade enquiry even if your mailbox is full or bouncing messages because of malfunction or rejecting valid trade enquiry - thinking it as spam or your mail server is down. 


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What are the Sources of Published Trade Enquiries ? 


Major source of trade enquiries published at are its members and visitors. InfoBanc receives large number of visitors everyday. In addition, registered members visit InfoBanc everyday. Such hige traffic generates a large number of trade enquiries everyday.


In addition, sister portals such,, and 40+ industry portals generate large number of targeted trade enquiries everyday.


We also employ other means and constantly explore new areas to generate quality information that can enrich mebbers' businesses. Some such efforts are listed below:

Dedicated Community of Buyers 

Unlike automated portals - we emphasize on human interaction and highly focused customer service. Over the years, our friendly, helpful and highly customer-oriented services has helped us win many buyers, purchase managers, sourcing agents etc. who visit regularly and post trade enquiries. 

For this group of buyers - is the first port of call in any sourcing endeavour. Our highly focused buyer services do its best to satisfy every buyer - no matter what is the size of purchase. All buyer services are free of cost and obligation
Sustained Promotion Across Search Engines and other Media
We spend quite a lot of effort and money for promoting as well as the companies and products listed there. We use organic as well as paid promotion to attract more and more visitors to As a result, and its associated portals receive large number of new visitors every week, many of whom post trade enquiries. 
Rigorous Research to Identify Buyers 
We have information specialists and researchers who have worked for years in blue-chip multinational and Indian companies - in India and abroad. The research team is on constant look-out for identifying potential buyers and inviting them to visit This is a very important source for high quality trade leads - not available elsewhere. 
Research and Information gathering 
We do fair amount of research and information gathering in the Net everyday. The research work is conducted by highly qualified and skilled research staff, who have worked for years in blue chip Indian companies and US Multinationals.
Every trade enquiry - irrespective of its origin, is subjected to a rigorous editorial check before acceptance. We reject a significant number of trade enquiries every week that fail to meet the in-house quality standards. For details - please read 3-step filtering process, described elsewhere in the FAQ


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How Genuine are these Trade Enquiries?


Visitors post a large number of trade enquiries in and its associated portals everyday. Many of these are for distribution among members. Not all enquiries that we receive are, however, approved for display. Some of these enquiries are frivolous, some non-serious and some are downright fraud. 


We have been going through these trade enquiries since 1997 and this long exposure has helped us develop significant in-house knowledgebase. Through a mix of technology and human intelligence, we have developed a three-step filtering process for removing irrelevant and non-serious enquiries. 
In first level, we accept only enquiries of those products freely available for international trade. So, we do not accept trade enquiries for products whose export/import is restricted (e.g. crude oil), prohibited (e.g. weapons, drugs) or available only at exotic places (e.g. Hawaiian Noni). 
In second level, we subject every enquiry to certain technological tests (e.g. IP tracking) to check for true origin and if there's mis-match in actual and submitted data. Next, we select only those enquiries that pass a test of seriousness. Some of the parameters of seriousness are complete contact details, source, degree of articulation of requirements, checking with a negative list of not so serious buyers at our database etc. Since 1997, we have accumulated significant knowledge and expertise on Internet based trade. Some of this knowledge has been shared with readers - interested visitors may check e-commerce articles for Indian exporters manufacturers 
Finally, we filter out fraudulent proposals in the garb of trade enquiry. We regularly research on this subject and maintain an in-house collection of various frauds circulating through Internet. We have written series of articles on Internet frauds and scams
We communicate with buyer at least once before selecting his/her trade enquiry. Whenever required, we request more details as per editorial policy. We never accept an enquiry unless it passes all the three steps. 
Its true, even after all these precautions some non-serious buyers may manage to get into the system - but overwhelmingly large number of buyers in are serious and genuine. We know this from our communication with them as also feedback from members. 
Remember, conversion of a trade lead into definite export order or business transaction depends a great deal on your product, price, quality, promptness of response, communication style etc. - a whole lot of factors on which we have no control. We can create an opportunity for you, how best to utilize it - is entirely up to you.

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How do I Join?


You may join as free member or paid member. Free members receive basic services such as display of company profile in directory (below paid members), network with other members etc. Please click at Join Free link at top of this page to join as free member. It takes couple of minutes to register your company.


Paid members receive full range of services including access to buyers' contact details, unlimited message posting, promotion through infobanc and its network of industry portals, wholesale e-commerce store, your own website (, business e-mail ( etc. To find more information about membership services - please click at Join link at top menu panel (extreme right). If you are a visitor - you will find membership form in this page.


If you are a free member - you may upgrade to paid level by log-in to MyInfoBanc or simply pay membership fee and inform us your user-id and payment details. Your Membership will be activated within 24-hours of receiving payment.


How to Pay


You may pay membership fee through any of the online or off-line payment options listed below


Payment Procedure


  • Credit Card, Debit Card, NetBanking (secure online payment gateway). We accept All credit cards (VISA, Master, American Express, Diners Club etc.) issued by any Indian or foreign bank. We do not accept credit card information at our server - credit card information is accepted and processed at safe and secure server of acquiring bank
  • NEFT/RTGS - Please send payment through your bank using NEFT/RTGS. We have accounts in both HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. Please pay in any of the banks and inform us payment details through e-mail/phone. You will find all information on how to pay, inclusing our account details, at
  • Demand Draft / Pay Order / Delhi Cheque (for India)
  • Deposit cash/local cheque in any branch of HDFC bank or ICICI bank in favour of our bank account. For details, please visit
  • PayPal Secure Payment Gateway
  • Cashier's check on US Bank (for outside India) For details, please visit Membership Form and click at 'Cashier's Check / Wire Transfer
  • Pay cash at our office (please see address below)
  • Outstation cheque (service will start after encashment of cheque, usually 2-3 weeks)
  • To pay by bank Transfer, 'Cashier's Check / Wire Transfer'  please visit http://payments.infobanc.comat
  • For Demand Draft/Cheque/Cashier's Cheque, please make the payment in favour of 'Ace InfoBanc Private Ltd', payable in Delhi and courier it to:
                                          Ace InfoBanc Private Ltd 
                                          124-A/1 Main Road  
                                          Katwaria Sarai 
                                          New Delhi - 110 016. INDIA 
                                          Tel: 91-11-26961886 / 26851944 / 9210373801
                                          Fax: 91-11-26866235 
Membership service starts within 24-hours of receiving payment for all modes of payment except outstation cheques. For outstation cheque payable in non-Delhi bank, membership service starts after realisation of cheque amount (usually 2-3 weeks).